Meta meets Ray-Ban

Meta announced this week an upgrade to its smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban: different styles of glasses and quite a few new features. It could very well be the platform that replaces our smartphone. The smart glasses feature 12-megapixel cameras, allowing users to take photos and videos, stream live, and now integrate multimodality (the ability to process voice, image, and video).

Meta’s smart assistant, Meta AI, can now understand visual information and provide insights.

Users can ask the glasses to translate text, identify objects, and request additional information using voice commands.

During a video call, users can share their perspective using the camera on the glasses.

For now, Meta AI is only available in the US and Canada.

Many online reviews have been very impressed with the initial user experience. Zuckerberg aims for the glasses to eventually include a small screen that allows users to read messages and more information, and in the distant future, to provide an augmented reality experience that overlays a digital layer onto the existing one.

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