Design Systems

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 WHAT IS A SYSTEM DESIGN AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? A design system is a set of standardized components and guidelines that allow teams to build multiple, consistent interfaces. Design systems need to be able to evolve as the products they support change. Design Systems provide alot benefits to a design team:Designers work can be […]

Must-Visit Design Museums

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DESIGN MUSEUMS THAT YOU SHOULD ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST In such a digital age, taking time out to visit a museum is invaluable for creativeslooking to keep their work and spirit fresh and inspired.That’s why we created this list of best design museums in the world on our opinion. Museums aren’t always about old […]

Spline – 3D Web Experiences

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3D design tool for the web Spline, a 3D design tool, was launched towards the end of 2020. As you probably know,it’s not your typical 3D environment like Blender, 3D Max, or Cinema 4D.For instance, it doesn’t allow you to edit meshes.You could say Spline is more like three.js editor, but unlike this tool, Spline […]

It’s Centered That – A designer’s eye game

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Do you think you’ve got a designer’s eye? Test your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes.This game prepared 10 shapes for you to select from,but you have to get all 10 correct to win the game.Can you do it?Try it out and let us know if you’re […]

Web design and visual impairment

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Google has released a new tool that will allow developers to see the pages of the sites they work on as people with different visual impairments see them. According to Google’s tool, developers can log in through the Google Development Tool to the new tool and choose one of several visual impairments offered under the […]

A game that will make you go crazy

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A deliberately frustrating web game interface that will make you appreciate good web design. Bagaar created a web game called User Inyerface, that takes all the normal conventions of a website’s user interface and throws them out the window, leaving one of the most unfriendly user experiences you’ll ever try to navigate. Will you get […]

New to Sketch: Google Material Design Theme!


You can now create and customize apps in Sketch, with Google Material Design in mind Google recently revealed their vision for Material Design’s future. They did so at I/O 2018 in CA. Material Design dates back to 2018, where Google took an active role in redesigning software UI. Many designers received this change as an […]

Revisiting 5 Stages of the Design Thinking Process


A powerful design methodology with a solution-based way of solving problems According to Visser (2006), “Design thinking refers to creative strategies designers use during the process of designing. It has also been developed as an approach to resolve issues outside of professional design practice, such as in business and social contexts.” Explain that the […]

Use Adblock Plus? Now it blocks social media button as well!


Also hate those pesky share buttons on your pages? Read on and be gone with them once and for all! Adblock Plus has joined the anti-social media tracking movement by enabling a feature that hides social media share buttons on pages. These are the share buttons you see on the bottom of articles, they are […]

We are glad to see that UX design is gaining more interest!

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What an honor to be hosted on Best-UX-Agency! We at San Interactive would like to thank Best-UX-Agency for hosting us on their website. User experience is quite a Niche field getting more and more attention these passed years. UX for us means focusing on having a deep understanding of users and what they need. It […]

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