why ?

Because EMC needed new platforms to enable their clients to work with its innovative products.

what ?

An understanding of EMC’s products and client’s needs, a thinking of new ways to display the final client useful information in several platforms and technologies (mainly an iPad App, usind Flex technology for PC’s).

how ?

By thinking “out of the box” in terms of presenting the client basic information, normally used as rows in a strait GUI table.

how it all started ?

"EMC is a global leader, enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (iTaaS). We were contacted by EMC’s e-lab management team to rethink new innovative ways to be presented their clients in a more visual and easy way, for them to notice errors and important notifications they need to be aware of, on various and more mobile platforms. Thus, we provided data management, in large organizations with more tools, in order to help them to plan ahead and be aware of future possible difficulties. "

and what we got

project slide image
project slide image
project slide image
project slide image

"We planned & designed both UI & GUI test environment on several platforms: a Flex based design for PC stations and an iPad app for more mobile users. Staying in tuned with the test environment users, we also had the opportunity to diagnose and solve several issues that appeared during the process of inventing this unique product, for a second and third phase. "