why ?

After implementing a strategic business change, Galooli needed a new ,user-friendly website that reflected its core solution. The UI of the website is designed to be a suitable platform for handling critical information.

what ?

A new website with a responsive design that provides a user experience flow that guides users to relevant products based on specific needs across multiple devices, while maintaining a design consistent with the Galooli brand.

how ?

We Created a unique design for each Galooli solution and case study by developing their new WordPress-based responsive website, using an advanced methodology and custom open source code implementation.

how it all started ?

Galooli is a pioneer in the field of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) (IIoT). Remote asset management and predictive analytics for linked assets and energy sources are the company's specialties. they needed a user-friendly website that clearly presents its patented technology enables users from a variety of industries to increase revenues, CAPEX and OPEX savings.

and what we got

project slide image
project slide image
project slide image
project slide image

A new, responsive Marketing website that delivers a user experience flow that directs the user to appropriate items based on individual needs and portrays the Galooli feel across different devices, including mobile and tablet