why ?

Because Schweppes needed a presentation designed for the launch of a new line of energy drinks.

what ?

A PR party for the first introduction of "Schweppes Energy" to the media.

how ?

By creating an energetic and eye-catching presentation.

how it all started ?

"Schweppes Energy" is a new line of energy drinks created by Jafora Tavon, a leading company in the Israeli soft drink market. We previously worked with Jafora on several of their products. This time, they contacted us to create a presentation in order to reveal their new and exiting drink.

and what we got

project slide image
project slide image
project slide image
project slide image

The well-known drinking brand Schweppes launched a festive and tasteful line of energy drinks. The new Schweppes Energy series caters to a relatively young audience, so we created a presentation with the right vibe that reflects the drink and the audience.