No more sound of potato chips on a conference call?

Microsoft is training its artificial intelligence software to identify background noise that isn’t your voice. Microsoft created a new technology that can identify your voice and filter out any other sounds. That could be a dog barking, a leaf blower or even you going crazy on a bag of potato chips. It will be available […]

A chatbot that helps users navigate their emotions

Youper, the mental health app that helps monitor and improve people’s emotional health, raised $3 million in seed funding from Good water Capital. The goal of this app is to make mental healthcare less intimidating and more accessible for users. With the help of AI-based chatbots, it creates a personalised experience, combining mental health research […]

10 ways Artificial Intelligence can help fight climate change

Machine learning can play a large role in saving our planet and fighting global warming. With the AI revolution taking place, many have asked how this technology can benefit the world around us and potentially help combat climate change. A report was created by some of the fields best thinkers to help answer this question. […]

Ever wonder how Apple uses AI to make Siri sound more human?

Apple has published research papers detailing the company’s machine-learning technology. Apple made its improved AI technology research papers public in their new machine learning journal. The paper presents us with details about how the voice of Siri digital assistant has improved. Apparently Apple auditioned hundreds of candidates for Siri’s new voice. They detail this at […]