No more sound of potato chips on a conference call?


Microsoft is training its artificial intelligence software to identify background noise that isn’t your voice. Microsoft created a new technology that can identify your voice and filter out any other sounds. That could be a dog barking, a leaf blower or even you going crazy on a bag of potato chips. It will be available […]

A chatbot that helps users navigate their emotions

illustration of a man looking from the window

Youper, the mental health app that helps monitor and improve people’s emotional health, raised $3 million in seed funding from Good water Capital. The goal of this app is to make mental healthcare less intimidating and more accessible for users. With the help of AI-based chatbots, it creates a personalised experience, combining mental health research […]

A special sensor that tells you if your food is spoiled

raw salmon fish

An inexpensive sensor created that can be embedded in a smartphone and held up against a food package at home or in the store to detect whether the food is still fresh. With the use of “near field communication” (NFC) tags, which are microchips that smartphones can easily read, this sensor is able to identify […]

10 ways Artificial Intelligence can help fight climate change

ice on water

Machine learning can play a large role in saving our planet and fighting global warming. With the AI revolution taking place, many have asked how this technology can benefit the world around us and potentially help combat climate change. A report was created by some of the fields best thinkers to help answer this question. […]

Imagine being able to order online products without lifting a finger…


An intern at eBay has created an app that does just that! The advanced head-tracking system that Apple incorporates in the iPhone X for AR security purposes, also can be used for helping people with disabilities. HeadGaze uses Apple ARKit to provide motor-impaired users to navigate their site through tracking their head movements. The proof […]

Want good sound and Google tech?


We have the right solution for you: JBL’s smart display! In the market for a smart display with Google Assistant? We have two solutions for you, Lenovo Smart Display and the JBL Link view. The Lenovo design was first to hit the shelves, with its new style design, yet it had some areas to improve […]

Get Alexa to wake you up to any song you’d like


Alexa does not allow this out of the box Using Alexa as an alarm clock is great, but imagine being able to wake up to your favorite Spotify song? With this trick you will be able to wake up to your music on the Amazon Dot, Tap or Echo. Alexa’s AI is quite advanced. Connecting […]

Can Google’s DeepMind predict death through AI?


DeepMind is planning on reducing patient deterioration in hospitals though AI Google’s DeepMind AI program has been “taught” historical medical records of about 700,000 US veterans with the goal to predict patients’ condition changes that might lead to death if left unchecked. DeepMind has partnered with the Veterans Administration (VA), combining the best minds in […]

Lighthouse’s 3D sensing, AI-powered camera is now available for $299

security cameras

An AI-powered 3D sensing camera for $299, Great stuff Lighthouse! Rethinking the way security cameras are built. That is exactly what Lighthouse are trying to do. Their camera with 3D sensing lasers combined with state of the art AI integration is available for purchase. One of the characteristics that makes it entirely unique is the […]

Assisting the driver through mind-reading. How on earth would that work?

man driving

Nissan suggests a new way to analyze drivers’ brain activity in order to pre-empt your moves and ultimately assist in doing so Lucian Gheorghe, a Nissan researcher spearheading the assisted driving by mind-reading experiment explains about the helmet worn during evaluation “For each corner, there’ll be an evaluation of your driving smoothness.” The electrodes capture […]

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