Did you know Google now has 3 Android versions?

2018 seems to be a promising year for a large range of Android powered devices

Worldwide Android is installed on more than 2 billion devices. This statistic is on the rise, yet running Android OS on so many devices that have different specs is bound to cause issues. Issues include: varying update speeds, slowed down performance, decreased user experience on lower budget devices. Google’s Android One program is specifically focused on optimizing performance for cheaper smartphones with limited RAM and device storage.

The huge success of this initiative has snowballed to the point that there are 3 different versions available. The core belief that it is counterproductive having one operating systems that suits all devices has motivated Google to invest in developing different approaches. Android Oreo – Go Edition, also known as Android Go is one of these efforts. Android One has advanced into a Google partner program and the 3rd is the generic Android Oreo 8.1

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