Stories have the power to paint dreams with words & endless fireworks


Stories have the power to paint dreams with words & endless fireworks

Leave a Mark in The Hearts and Minds

Utilizing narratives, visuals, and sound to convey a message, evoke emotions, and engage the audience. It’s about crafting an impactful story that captivates viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Effective storytelling is the secret sauce that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences and transforms information into inspiration.

Unforgettable story in details

Powerpoint Presentation

Adaptive like a lizard on a twister game. Beginning with wireframing the user journey story, designing with a spark, and developing with meticulous attention to detail, all under one roof.

Movie Clip & Video

We are the directors of your visual story. Creating movie clips and videos that pop! Visuals, sound, and storytelling unite for unforgettable moment. It will be fun.

keynote presentation

Oh, here’s a Mac lover. We are the Keynote maestros, choreographing presentations that dance with elegance. We blend content mastery and sleek design to transform ideas into visual brilliance.

HTML5 Presentation

We’re the HTML5 virtuosos, merging creativity and coding to produce presentations that engage. With innovative visuals and smooth functionality, we turn ideas into interactive, professional masterpieces.

animate presentation

Where dynamic storytelling and animations come to life, creating immersive experiences that capture attention, convey ideas, and inspire lasting impact.

Microcopy & Content writing

We specialize in concise, compelling microcopy and content that resonates, enhancing user experiences and brand narratives in the digital realm. Big Impact in Small Words.

Boosting The Cisco Story

Producing storytelling and interactive set of tools and videos for the MWC Barcelona

The Art of Imagination by Storytelling

The Azrieli Group Storytelling Journey – Israel’s leading real estate company.

Taste the Feeling of Storytelling

Imagine. Design. Polish. Present. Inspire. with CBC Group

Melodies Of Brand Storytelling

The NICE Story & Presentations – Innovate. Visualize. Shape. Present. Inspire.

The Narrative Harmony

Checkpoint’s events storytelling, Inspiration with a spark

“Building new material for a big show like MWC on a yearly basis is a big and complex project. Working with San Interactive was a great experience for me and for my team, the most important created the WOW effect in the show itself. I want to thank the San Interactive team for managing the project, leading and guiding us, preparing the material, preparing the presenters and assisting me personally.”

alon peleg

gm cisco