How to reduce a video size for the Web

HOT TO REDUCE A VIDEO SIZE FOR THE WEB Meet WebM : WebM is an audiovisual media file format Developed byGoogle, It is 100% supports great video quality, The WebM is designed for the weband supports a Transparency background (Alpha channel) in a video.The WebM is a smaller size than the mp4 and mov formatsbut […]



LOTTIE ANIMATION What is Lottie? Lottie is a JSON-based animation file formatLottie is a lightweight format (than PNG and GIF) and suiting best for websites and apps.Lottie is based on vector and not pixels so that means that users can scale the animations withouthurting the quality of the animation, and without increasing the size of […]

Catch up

CATCHING UP WITH TRENDS AND STAYING UPDATED In today’s ever-changing art world, graphic designers may find it difficult to keep themselves up-to-date with the newest design trends.As a graphic designer you must always be on your toes with the change in trends and stay one step ahead of the industry. Here some tips and accounts […]

Is rebranding important?


IS REBRANDING IMPORTANT? Branding is your identity that sets you apart from other competitors and leaves recognition. This recognition increases company value, raises expectations, and makes it easier to make new customers. Over time, a brand can become outdated and no longer fit today’s design trends.Sometimes this means redesigning your logo across all of your […]

A game that will make you go crazy

A deliberately frustrating web game interface that will make you appreciate good web design. Bagaar created a web game called User Inyerface, that takes all the normal conventions of a website’s user interface and throws them out the window, leaving one of the most unfriendly user experiences you’ll ever try to navigate. Will you get […]

Get ready for interactive games on Netflix!

Say Hi to Story Mode, a streamable version of Minecraft! TechRadar has announced that Netflix confirmed releasing a new streaming version of Minecraft called Story Mode. It will be just like old times, just adapted for Netflix’s platform. Netflix told TechRadar that “We don’t have any plans to get into gaming. There’s a broad spectrum […]

European Netflixers rejoice! Travel Europe and watch in peace

No more missing your Netflix shows during your vacation travels There is a new EU regulation called the “Regulation on the Portability of Online Content Services” which essentially enables European citizens to use their subscription services while traveling around in Europe. This includes Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Regulation was put into place last year […]