Tracking devices using LTE is a real thing!

Dallas-based startup PoLTE wants to make location-tracking more efficient. They intent to accomplish this with their new software PoLTE, which will assist logistics and shipments companies track packages and goods more easily. The technology allows for tracking through transmitting information over the air. Nowadays you need a couple of things in order to use a […]

Get Alexa to wake you up to any song you’d like

Alexa does not allow this out of the box Using Alexa as an alarm clock is great, but imagine being able to wake up to your favorite Spotify song? With this trick you will be able to wake up to your music on the Amazon Dot, Tap or Echo. Alexa’s AI is quite advanced. Connecting […]

The world’s smallest camera

Not even a millimeter wide and works on light! These specs mean business. Imagine having a camera that small, it could literally hide anywhere. Researchers have developed a new camera model that is tiny and powered by a light source. Technically you could place it anywhere and have it work non-stop. The device is made […]

Ring’s home security business was purchased for $1 billion by Amazon

Amazon is making a leap into the Home Security business Ring is a California-based home security business specialized in connected video doorbells and security cameras. Amazing purchased them for a small amount of $1 billion. This investment will spearhead Amazon further into the Home Security business. They already acquired Blink, which manufactured similar kind of […]

We are glad to see that UX design is gaining more interest!

What an honor to be hosted on Best-UX-Agency! We at San Interactive would like to thank Best-UX-Agency for hosting us on their website. User experience is quite a Niche field getting more and more attention these passed years. UX for us means focusing on having a deep understanding of users and what they need. It […]

Virtual car showrooms and online sales with Apple’s ARKit

Visiting car dealerships could become a thing of the past. ARKit is a new developer tools add on to Apple’s iOS 11, making it relatively easy to build high quality augmented reality. This can mean big business in the automotive world, because it will be a lot easier to create virtual showroom experiences to possible […]

A new kind of smart material

Stretchy, durable sensors woven into your clothing. IoT embedded in clothing is becoming more and more mainstream. Clothes go through a lot more wear and tear compared to our smart devices though. Now, a new kind of smart material is ready to combat that. At Harvard’s Wyss Institute engineers have managed to make a durable, […]

UX for Autonomous Cars

Designing the experience of self-driving cars. Autonomous cars have been tested on public roads for a couple of years now by companies like Google and Volvo. Perhaps you have seen one drive by. There is even a self-driving taxi service in Singapore. These cars of the future are being designed today. This also includes the […]

Speakers that simply resemble a piece of art

Empty your walls, you will thank this speaker system for it. Your bank account perhaps a bit less. This beautifully designed speaker, the BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen, is wall-mounted and assembled from three types of hexagonal tiles: speakers, amplifiers, and echo-­absorbing noise dampers. You can reorder and position the modules whatever way you […]

An autonomous Apple Watch in the making

Reportedly the next Apple Watch wont need an iPhone for data. The Apple Watch is a great piece of engineering, but has its flaws too. For example, leaving your hone phone at home will almost render it useless. Without an iPhone in the vicinity, it can’t receive data. Making it impossible to read messages, listen […]