Popular Trends in UX/ UI in 2023

UX-UI trends-San Interactive-2023

Product personalization: creating personalized user experiences based on user behavior and browsing habits. Enhance cross-platform user experience: mobile to desktop Scrollytelling: scrolling + storytelling = scrolly-telling. Data Storytelling: building a narrative based on complex data and analytics that help influence and inform your target audience. Minimalism: many websites and digital products have adopted a similar […]

Use your old phone to secure yourself


A lot of us have an old phone stuck in the drawer, we bet you didn’t think of turning it into a home security camera Just download a security camera app on your old phone and choose a spot to position it. Most apps offer the same features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording […]

Battle of the Browsers

Spoiler – Google Chrome is still the king. It was a close battle between Chrome and Safari, you’d think iPhone users would remain true to Apple’s features, but no – Chrome is the king of browsers apps on mobile. Check out the battle of the browsers over the last decade:

Apple’s breakthrough voice control feature

Apple is working hard to better develop their voice control feature for users with disabilities Apple’s products have used voice-based commands for years. In order to avoid a difficult and time-consuming process of speaking out every button out loud, Apple has attached a number to every UI item in the foreground.This creates a more efficient […]

A chatbot that helps users navigate their emotions

Youper, the mental health app that helps monitor and improve people’s emotional health, raised $3 million in seed funding from Good water Capital. The goal of this app is to make mental healthcare less intimidating and more accessible for users. With the help of AI-based chatbots, it creates a personalised experience, combining mental health research […]

A special sensor that tells you if your food is spoiled

An inexpensive sensor created that can be embedded in a smartphone and held up against a food package at home or in the store to detect whether the food is still fresh. With the use of “near field communication” (NFC) tags, which are microchips that smartphones can easily read, this sensor is able to identify […]