Edit DALL-E images using ChatGPT.

San Interactive - Edit with Chat GPT AI and Dall-e

Until now, it was quite complicated to change parts of an image, but now.. subscribed users of ChatGPT can edit images created by AI using detailed prompts.

A special sensor that tells you if your food is spoiled

An inexpensive sensor created that can be embedded in a smartphone and held up against a food package at home or in the store to detect whether the food is still fresh. With the use of “near field communication” (NFC) tags, which are microchips that smartphones can easily read, this sensor is able to identify […]

Unregulated facial recognition’s bad side

The LGBTQ+ community is suffering from the safety and civil liberties implications of facial recognition. There is this notion that all people are willing to give up their personal data, information, and privacy in return for greater “convenience, efficiency, and safety.” However, vulnerable communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community, do not feel this way. Facial […]