Voice-activated Siri AirPods will be a real thing!

Get ready for a water-resistant model in 2019 According to Bloomberg, Apple will be renewing their AirPods in 2019. The Idea is to trigger the virtual assistant by just saying “Hey Siri” to activate it. A great step forward to making AirPods a voice-first interface device. The Model planned for 2019, although it’s not written […]

Play catch with your dog from work

With this cool device you can play from anywhere with your pet Playdate lets you play with your dog or cat from anywhere in the world, via our smart ball and our mobile app. Use the camera inside the ball to see your pets as well as the environment around them. You can control PlayDate’s smart […]

Swipe on your skin directly to your watch

The Future Interfaces Group brings you a wearable watch you can operate by touching your skin. “SkinTrack is a wearable system that enables continuous touch tracking on the skin. It consists of a ring, which emits a continuous high frequency AC signal, and a sensing wristband with multiple electrodes. Due to the phase delay inherent […]

Play Head or Tail with Google

Decide about major issues in your life by flipping a Google’s coin. Now you can take a chance with Flip A Coin Or Roll A Die  by Google Search.This feature is available to android smartphones and tablets and follows-up to a voice command , just say, “flip a coin,” of some variation contain the word “flip”. […]

A devices that will help you find your pet

Nuzzle created a smart collar for your pets that will help you track them. With this device your cute little doggy will have a hard time getting lost again. The collar contain GPS and a temperature monitoring and through using the companion app you can get your daily pet report.