Catch up


In today’s ever-changing art world, graphic designers may find it difficult to keep themselves up-to-date with the newest design trends.
As a graphic designer you must always be on your toes with the change in trends and stay one step ahead of the industry.

Here some tips and accounts on how to keep up to date on all of the newest trends easily
Subscribe to youtube accounts.
Youtube has so much source and different designers that has their own uniq style that you can be inspired of, or learn from.
You can find tutorials, stories, interviews and so much more.

Listen to podcasts while you’re driving, walking, at the gym or just in bed after a long day.
It is so accessible and non-binding that you can just open at any given moment and listen to a new podcast or continue the last one.
UI breakfast
Elementor talks

Educate yourself with online courses on your free time.
In today’s world, time is worth a lot and we consider the things that we are spending out time in.
No one really has free time to go and study whenever they feel like it, We have prior commitments.
And that’s why online courses is a good solution, you can do it on your free time and almost all of the courses are low priced or even for free.

Attending to live events and meetups.
As long as the online self education is great, attending to events and meetups not only will help you to learn more, but it will help you to network your path and meet people with common ground.
Being a part of a community always can help you to stay updated with every new update or trend.