Popular Trends in UX/ UI in 2023

Product personalization: creating personalized user experiences based on user behavior and browsing habits.

  • Who is your customer?
  • What do you offer?
  • What is the Ideal pricing point?
  • How do you position the product to customers?

Enhance cross-platform user experience: mobile to desktop

  • Designers must think about the visual changes between different screens.
  • Add new features and updates

Scrollytelling: scrolling + storytelling = scrolly-telling.

  • Highlights different features and benefits with beautiful product images as you scroll.

Data Storytelling: building a narrative based on complex data and analytics that help influence and inform your target audience.

  • Number of consecutive weeks of productivity
  • Number of words checked
  • Alerts are shown
  • Vocabulary terms

Minimalism: many websites and digital products have adopted a similar black and greyscale variation.

  • The benefit of this simple color palette is UI design team can use a single color to make important CTAs and features pop

Buttoness user interfaces: most mobile devices use buttonless patterns for settings.

  • Using a devices biometrics to replace login forms
  • Leveraging voice search/voice user interface (VUI) functionality
  • Dragging or swiping messages and popups to close them
  • Double tap to like or favorite
  • Using device a device’s return key to replace send buttons for text fields

VR & AR UI design

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • VR & AR have expanded beyond gaming and social interactions to developing tools that help users navigate the real world better.