Speakers that simply resemble a piece of art

Empty your walls, you will thank this speaker system for it. Your bank account perhaps a bit less.

This beautifully designed speaker, the BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen, is wall-mounted and assembled from three types of hexagonal tiles: speakers, amplifiers, and echo-­absorbing noise dampers. You can reorder and position the modules whatever way you like, allowing you to essentially build your own unique setup. You can also choose your own color scheme that suits your interior design.

The modules independently connect to a main “Core”, with an algorithm that spreads the signal to all speakers. This setup forgoes the old left-right stereo arrangement, and transforms every seat in the room into an ideal spot so you can listen to your favorite music in crystal clear quality while enjoying the new piece of art on your wall! If you don’t mind forking out $4,025 or more, this gem could be yours.

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