UX/UI design in autonomous electric vehicles

UX/UI design in autonomous electric vehicles There are a number of best practices for UX/UI design in autonomous electric vehicles that aim to create an intuitive and seamless experience for the user. Here are a few examples:

Tesla has a fresh contender in the electric car market

Meet Model SONDORS, a 3 wheel electric car costing $10,000 Electric cars are battery powered vehicles, they are propelled by electric motors with stored energy in rechargeable batteries. Tesla has been spearheading the electric car market for a while now, with governments providing tax credits of up to $7,500 per car. The Model SONDORS is […]

Assisting the driver through mind-reading. How on earth would that work?

Nissan suggests a new way to analyze drivers’ brain activity in order to pre-empt your moves and ultimately assist in doing so Lucian Gheorghe, a Nissan researcher spearheading the assisted driving by mind-reading experiment explains about the helmet worn during evaluation “For each corner, there’ll be an evaluation of your driving smoothness.” The electrodes capture […]