Popular Trends in UX/ UI in 2023

UX-UI trends-San Interactive-2023

Product personalization: creating personalized user experiences based on user behavior and browsing habits. Enhance cross-platform user experience: mobile to desktop Scrollytelling: scrolling + storytelling = scrolly-telling. Data Storytelling: building a narrative based on complex data and analytics that help influence and inform your target audience. Minimalism: many websites and digital products have adopted a similar […]

Use your old phone to secure yourself


A lot of us have an old phone stuck in the drawer, we bet you didn’t think of turning it into a home security camera Just download a security camera app on your old phone and choose a spot to position it. Most apps offer the same features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording […]

New features by Slack


Slack released a series of improvements that make it easier for everyone, these are the new features: For more information

Battle of the Browsers

Spoiler – Google Chrome is still the king. It was a close battle between Chrome and Safari, you’d think iPhone users would remain true to Apple’s features, but no – Chrome is the king of browsers apps on mobile. Check out the battle of the browsers over the last decade:

Apple’s breakthrough voice control feature

Apple is working hard to better develop their voice control feature for users with disabilities Apple’s products have used voice-based commands for years. In order to avoid a difficult and time-consuming process of speaking out every button out loud, Apple has attached a number to every UI item in the foreground.This creates a more efficient […]

A chatbot that helps users navigate their emotions

Youper, the mental health app that helps monitor and improve people’s emotional health, raised $3 million in seed funding from Good water Capital. The goal of this app is to make mental healthcare less intimidating and more accessible for users. With the help of AI-based chatbots, it creates a personalised experience, combining mental health research […]