Uber decided to make its own chat app.

The new app needed to be able to handle 70,000 users at once.

Uber is huge, with its 14,000 employees, it comes as no surprise that many of them are engineers. Logically the company decided to build its own internal chat app after running into issues with existing chat apps on the market. It has been using Atlassian’s HipChat for workplace communications (after ditching Slack), but began building its own internal chat app two years ago after it realized they simply couldn’t meet its needs.

Uber uses uChat, which is built on top of Mattermost, an open source alternative to Slack and Atlassian’s HipChat. Uber realised that at the rate the company is growing, they will need to make sure that the platform could handle all of its communications. They tested handling 70,000 users at once, and sending 80 to 200 messages per second. The final product can process tens of thousands of users and 1 million messages daily.

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