Assisting the driver through mind-reading. How on earth would that work?

Nissan suggests a new way to analyze drivers’ brain activity in order to pre-empt your moves and ultimately assist in doing so

Lucian Gheorghe, a Nissan researcher spearheading the assisted driving by mind-reading experiment explains about the helmet worn during evaluation “For each corner, there’ll be an evaluation of your driving smoothness.” The electrodes capture your EEG activity, the electrical signals we have in our brain. These specific signals are recorded and analyzed to evaluate potential motor related patterns drivers have in common in order to communicate movement to limbs before they occur.

According to Gheorghe, the time it takes to translate these signals to the body is 0.5 second, meaning the action such as lowering the foot to break would consist of a 0.5 second gap. The research intends to use this time and exploit it for AI possibilities, pre-empting movement and ultimately assisting the driver when possible.

The simulator consists of a seat and a general purpose steering wheel, there are no pedals and the tester is presented with 3 big screens surrounding the peripheral area and in doing so emerging the tester into a virtual view of a mountain road.

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