Empathy Engine: AI’s Emotional Evolution.

In the age of technological marvels, a new forerunner has emerged: Empathic AI, dedicated to enhancing human well-being. Meet Hume.

Envision an artificial intelligence so advanced it can not only interpret emotional expressions but respond with a depth of understanding once thought impossible. We introduce the pioneering AI, endowed with an emotional quotient to meet the complex emotional landscape of human interaction. With the effortless grace of a single API call, one can give voice to applications with unprecedented emotional intelligence.

Enter EVI, the conversational voice API infused with empathic prowess. Standing alone in its field, EVI discerns the subtlest vocal modulations, enriching communication with refined prosody and responsiveness.

Born from over a decade of meticulous research, our models are adept at capturing the subtleties of human expression—whether it be laughter laced with discomfort or a nostalgic gaze—across audio, video, and imagery.

EVI’s sagacity extends to predicting mental health with a precision surpassing that of its contemporaries. Harness our customizable, low-code solutions and embed insights powered by our state-of-the-art expression measurement models and empathic large language models (eLLMs).

We are at the vanguard, shaping foundation models that not only coexist but thrive in alignment with human prosperity.