A new type of Hologram: cheap, solid and almost real!

Meet the Optical Trap Display (OTD)

Holograms are mostly seen in science fiction films where futuristic technology powers these visual gems. Real life holograms do exist, yet require lots of equipment and even then does not incorporate a true 360° view of the object.

Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah have found a way though to create a 3 dimensional, solid and clear image that seems to be present in the same space as the viewer. They call it the Optical Trap Display (OTD).

The technology is quite advanced, they explain that the device uses an invisible laser beam to trap a small see-through particle in mid-air. Afterwards, it moves around a pre-defined path in the same space while simultaneously illuminating the particle with RGB lights. Being able to see it as a holographic object relies upon the speed at which the particle moves. Move it faster and you can actually even see movement.

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