5G enabled devices presented by Intel before the Mobile World Congress

Mobile infrastructure keeps advancing, aren’t we lucky!

5G was a hot topic last year during the Mobile World Congress. This year we can expect more about this technology and how it will affect us as mobile users. Mobile infrastructure isn’t such wildly discussed topic for mainstream users. That is about to change, there is a lot more talk around mobile infrastructure and it is gaining lots of interest. Intel will present its 5G plans during next week’s MWC in Barcelona.

They will use the event to show off some demos of its 5G enable two-in-one devices. Intel has been teaming up with the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft, in order to develop 5G enabled products ready for consumer use by the end of 2019.

“It’s always a balance between talking about the evolution of the present and the future,” said Renduchintala – Intel’s Group President and Chief Engineering Officer. “I don’t think anyone’s got that down to a science. What we’re trying to do is a give a vision of how the experiences going forward are going to continue to transform what people can expect from a scenario of total mobility.”

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