You can now buy a $80 Android Go phone in the States

It isn’t the flashiest of phones, but will get the job done

Meet the ZTE Tempo Go, available in the US. It runs the latest Android Go OS, which is able to run the majority of Androids slimmed down apps with acceptable performance. It is packed with a 5-inch screen, a headphone jack and a mediocre camera.

The ZTE Tempo Go runs the Oreo Go, Androids version for “entry-level” phones. The OS is meant for growing markets such as India. Last year over 22 percent of India’s population used smartphones compared to 69 percent in the United States, which sounds like there are more users in the States. It is important to understand that 22 % of India’s population is more people than 69 percent of the U.S. population, this is one of the reasons why companies like Google are keen to expand there.

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