No more waiters?

If you ever dreamed about a cat waitering, you may have a superpower of predicting the future. The BellaBot, developed by Chinese company PuduTech, is a robotic waiter that can deliver up to 10kg of restaurant orders to waiting customers, and it looks like a cat.

A gaming headset that feeds you chips


Talk about user experience… Pringles built a gaming headset called “The Hunger Hammer” that feeds you chips, no more touching the remote with greasy fingers. The Hunger Hammer is an add-on to the Razer Gaming Headset, which consists of a cartridge that can hold about 15 chips, and a button located on a remote control […]

A special sensor that tells you if your food is spoiled

An inexpensive sensor created that can be embedded in a smartphone and held up against a food package at home or in the store to detect whether the food is still fresh. With the use of “near field communication” (NFC) tags, which are microchips that smartphones can easily read, this sensor is able to identify […]