It’s Centered That – A designer’s eye game

Do you think you’ve got a designer’s eye? Test your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes.This game prepared 10 shapes for you to select from,but you have to get all 10 correct to win the game.Can you do it?Try it out and let us know if you’re […]

A game that will make you go crazy

A deliberately frustrating web game interface that will make you appreciate good web design. Bagaar created a web game called User Inyerface, that takes all the normal conventions of a website’s user interface and throws them out the window, leaving one of the most unfriendly user experiences you’ll ever try to navigate. Will you get […]

A gaming headset that feeds you chips


Talk about user experience… Pringles built a gaming headset called “The Hunger Hammer” that feeds you chips, no more touching the remote with greasy fingers. The Hunger Hammer is an add-on to the Razer Gaming Headset, which consists of a cartridge that can hold about 15 chips, and a button located on a remote control […]

Get ready for interactive games on Netflix!

Say Hi to Story Mode, a streamable version of Minecraft! TechRadar has announced that Netflix confirmed releasing a new streaming version of Minecraft called Story Mode. It will be just like old times, just adapted for Netflix’s platform. Netflix told TechRadar that “We don’t have any plans to get into gaming. There’s a broad spectrum […]

Full-body tracking at Facebook hints at broader AR/VR ambitions

Facebook is planning on applying AR/VR into full-body tracking Facebook is well known for their AR and VR ambitions. They very successfully are applying these technologies for both entertainment and communication purposes. Now they are taking it a step further, with the ambitious idea to make AR modify not just your face, rather your entire […]

The game we are all after

Pokémon Go that burst into our lives is already the biggest U.S. mobile game ever and it made Nintendo shares up more than 50% since it  was released The free-to-play game Pokemon Go, which uses augmented reality on your smartphone to catch cartoon animals, has become an overnight success and is already set valued in […]