Apple following Microsoft, Facebook and Google by building a data center in Iowa

Apple will spend $1.375 billion on a data center in the state of Iowa.

Apple has plans to start building a new data center starting early next year, and it’s expected to be up and running in 2020. Apple received almost $210 million in incentives for the project from the state, on condition that the data center will create 50 jobs that pay a minimum of $29.12 per hour. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds mentioned that the construction of the data center itself would additionally create hundreds of jobs, but no specific number was given.

Many Silicon Valley tech companies have their data centers in a Midwestern state. Facebook, for example, have plans to build a new $750 million data center in Ohio. Now Apple is following in its shoes, by becoming the fourth major tech company to build a data center in Iowa.

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