Apple’s OS might introduce finger hover detection for the first time!

Imagine having gestures based on finger hover actions

There are rumors that Apple is working on creating new gestures for its iPhones. Apparently, besides for its normal touch gestures we all are familiar with, iOS might introduce finger hover detection. Meaning that certain action can be triggered by just hovering over your screen.

When iPhone first came to market with its multi-touch interface, it was considered somewhat groundbreaking technology. The technology has advanced since and last year we saw Apple introduce 3D touch, giving users more actions to perform by pressing a little harden on the screen.

Taking it even a step further, being able to predict touches without making contact on the screen could be a real game changer. We will have to wait and see if these rumors are true, but even if they are, we probably won’t be seeing iPhones with this ability until next year.

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