Walt Disney was a was a user experience pioneer

With his attention to detail Walt Disney became one of the earliest designers of user experience.

“In building out the Disney theme parks, Walt Disney and his deign team (which he named Imagineers) established many best practices that we user experience designers can follow as well. Here are some of them:

Make special moments: Disney and his team had a sharp focus on creating a unique experience that guests could not get anywhere else. This focus on making as many special moments as possible resulted in happy (and repeat) customers. Human beings retain bad memories more than good, so providing happy moments results in people revisiting in a desire to relive or recapture those special moments.

Always be pulsing: Disney was never completely satisfied. He always asked for more, always pushed his team to bring more to the table. He called this “pulsing,” incrementally improving details and elements of an experience. It wasn’t “adding more stuff”—which so many companies do—it was making a good experience better; making sure the sound effects on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride were loud enough to rattle the riders; making sure that the Tiki Birds were able to have dozens of different gestures, not just ten. It was aspirational, and I think it’s the right way to approach design. Imagine if all designers and developers did their work with this type of attitude.”

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