Wouldn’t it be cool to build custom 3D-printable robots?

MIT’s Robogami lets you do just that, from standard folding parts.

There is a new generation of robots on the rise, better known as Interactive Robogami. A project from MIT lets regular folks create ambulatory robots from a library of pieces that and fit together just like origami.

“The goal is to make the process of designing robots accessible,” said Adriana Schulz, a PhD student at MIT who co-led the project. “The actuators, the materials, the code, things like that require a lot of knowledge. Our system encapsulates that expert knowledge, so the user can focus on conceptual design.”

The technology lets you make mini robots by combining inter-compatible part from a library, they can be printed just like puzzle pieces. Just fold and lock them into shape, you will have a Robogami of your own in no time. The flat-printed design keeps both print time as well as material cost low, by more than half even.

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