Ever wonder how Apple uses AI to make Siri sound more human?

Apple has published research papers detailing the company’s machine-learning technology.

Apple made its improved AI technology research papers public in their new machine learning journal. The paper presents us with details about how the voice of Siri digital assistant has improved. Apparently Apple auditioned hundreds of candidates for Siri’s new voice. They detail this at the end of the paper, you can hear how the voice has improved from iOS 9 up until iOS 11.

It’s clear we’ll like iOS 11 better. “The new voices were rated clearly better in comparison to the old ones,” Apple’s Siri team said in the paper. Normally Apple keeps things secret, although a lot of details about future iPhones slip out, but regrding AI and machine learning, it’s allowing some transparency. There are of course many limits to copying technology, patents for example; Apple making these advances in research known to the public could help the tech industry improve faster though.

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