A new search company that might outperform Google?

CEO Falon Fatemi’s Node company promises to change the way we discover information.

Google search is our go-to place to find all sorts of information, it has become second nature to “google” things, but is it the best way to find information?
Fatemi, previously Google’s youngest employee, thinks there is a better way. She believes getting millions of search results which takes hours to sift through, is not the way to go. Her San Francisco-based startup Node is set out to change exactly that.

Node is designed to change the way we discover information, by using AI to connect you or your business with the right opportunity at the right time, Node wants to “accelerate serendipity” on the web. It’s patent-pending technology is based on indexing people, places, products, and companies instead of web page. It uses this data to connect customers to opportunities. It already has half a billion profiles. The AI understands the relationships between people and companies, and can pair this data with a customer’s personal profile.

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