Meet Cleo, a chatbot that helps you understand your finances.

It just raised an additional £2 million in funding, a well known backer includes Skype founder Niklas Zennström.

This new round of funding, led by LocalGlobe, includes father and son Robin and Saul Klein who founded the seed VC firm. They add to the list of existing investors which include Zennström himself, Entrepreneur First (EF), and Jason Goodman, the founder of advertising agency Albion.

Cleo was founded by Barney Hussey-Yeo and Aleksandra Wozniak, after they teamed up at company builder EF. Cleo is a digital financial AI assistant chatbot available via Facebook Messenger. Users interact with Cleo through a conversational interface and for many could be a replacement for their existing banking. Cleo allows users to ask for insights into all of all their spending across multiple accounts and credit cards. This information gets broken down by transaction, category or merchant, once they give Cleo permission to access that data.

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