Lighthouse’s 3D sensing, AI-powered camera is now available for $299

An AI-powered 3D sensing camera for $299, Great stuff Lighthouse!

Rethinking the way security cameras are built. That is exactly what Lighthouse are trying to do. Their camera with 3D sensing lasers combined with state of the art AI integration is available for purchase.

One of the characteristics that makes it entirely unique is the way in which you examine your footage. The goal is for it to be more of an assistant rather than security camera. The in-app natural language processing system can perform tasks based on user commands. It boils down to being able to ask things like “When did the post man deliver my order yesterday?”, its response will be by showing you the relevant footage.

The user can also program alerts relating to situations. A good example would be to say “Let me know when someone unfamiliar is in the house”. You can also get alerts based on events that didn’t occur, such as “let me know if the dog didn’t eat today”.

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