Can Google’s DeepMind predict death through AI?

DeepMind is planning on reducing patient deterioration in hospitals though AI

Google’s DeepMind AI program has been “taught” historical medical records of about 700,000 US veterans with the goal to predict patients’ condition changes that might lead to death if left unchecked.

DeepMind has partnered with the Veterans Administration (VA), combining the best minds in artificial intelligence research with top clinicians and researchers.

Normal procedure is for nurses to monitor patients, although it isn’t possible to monitor every patient around the clock; patients are monitored remotely via electronics and sensors like EKGs. The patients are checked upon from time to time by nurses and doctors. There is a central station where they can listen for alarms as well, but the majority of the time patients aren’t being watched.

The idea is to for DeepMind to teach AI to find out the ins and outs of patient deterioration, this way machines can take over the monitoring done by nurses and doctors. AI can monitor patient data 24/7 without the need to take breaks like humans do. The idea is revolutionary and can only get better and more accurate.

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