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First AI Developer

The trailblazing AI virtuoso reshaping the software engineering scene! Devin’s not just the newest member of the coding cosmos — they’re your ultra-savvy AI sidekick, ready to jam on joint projects or solo on tasks, awaiting your seal of approval. Devin’s the game-changer for devs dreaming big, a catalyst turning epic goals from dreams to […]

The use of AI in shopping centers

AI Shopping Centers - San Interactive

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into shopping centers is transforming the retail landscape, offering a seamless and personalized shopping experience for consumers and a more efficient management system for retailers. AI in shopping centers is not just a futuristic concept; it is a present reality that is revolutionizing the way we shop.  At the […]

How to optimize CX ?


CX stands for “Customer Experience”. It refers to the perception customers have of their interactions with a company, brand, or organization. CX encompasses the entirety of a customer’s journey, from the initial discovery and awareness stage, through the buying process, including post-purchase support and any subsequent interactions. A positive CX can lead to higher customer […]

System that monitors workplace performance

Researchers are developing a mobile-sensing system that monitors workplace performance. This mobile-sensing system contains three parts to it. A smartphone tracking system that looks at physical activity, location, phone use, and ambient light. It uses a fitness tracker that monitors heart functions, sleep, stress, and body measurements. Lastly, location beacons are used to provide information […]

Google maps will predict how crowded your bus will be

Google maps makes traveling easier and more efficient for commuters. n order to predict how crowded public transportation is for commuters, Google Maps asked users if they traveled during the peak hours of 6am to10am, and then inquired about seat availability and standing room in buses or trains, attempting to identify which lines had the […]