Apple has some real ambitions for this year!

A 6.5 inch iPhone, ready or not it is scheduled for later this year.

Apples largest phone to date is planned for this fall. The tech giant will release 3 new models, according to Bloomberg. Starting off is a better version of the iPhone X, followed up by a “cheaper” model that houses some of the X’s key features. Last but certainly not least is a new model with a staggering 6.5 inch screen!

Apple apparently is trying to diversify by targeting a wider market sector. The large screen model is great for users who need better multi-tasking and split screen options. The “cheaper” model will satisfy the users who can’t fork out around $1,000 for a smart phone, but will include some of the X’s features.

The 6.5 inch device is believed to already been tested with some of the well-known suppliers. Apparently Apple is also planning on adding a gold option to these devices, with rumors of manufacturing a dual-SIM card option for the 6.5 inch device.

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