Heard of the swipeable mobile browser Cake?

It has managed to raise $5 million in investments

This fresh company plans to take on the big fish, such as Chrome and Safari, to build the optimal browser for mobile devices. The startup managed to raise $5 million from Peak Ventures, Pelion Ventures and Kickstart Seed Fund.

This just goes to show that there indeed is need and identified opportunity to fill the market gap. We have gotten so used to using these main browser, would we use something else less known but perhaps with an improved user experience?

Cake started off in 2016 in Provo, Utah. Jase Bosarge originally developed the technology needed for the mobile browser as well as a patent that was actually licensed to Google later for Gmail.

The browser’s main idea is to redesign how the user interacts nowadays on mobile devices. Sometimes mobile browsers aren’t aimed at being user friendly.

“Browsers today are still very similar today to what they were 15 years ago,” explains Hulet, Cake’s CEO. “They weren’t reimagined for mobile – they’re basically desktop experiences crammed onto a mobile phone.”

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